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SOBAC seeds are mixtures of grasses and cover plants. They are complementary to other SOBAC solutions, the goal being to go further in terms of self-sufficiency.


The seeds range exists for: ORGANIC AGRICULTURE - MADE IN FRANCE


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From the outset, SOBAC has been working in partnership with farmers on production methods that would reduce chemical inputs in favour of an agricultural approach that is cleaner, self-sufficient and protects health, while supporting the economic imperatives of farmers, and meeting consumer expectations particularly the nutritional quality of agricultural products.
Accordingly, SOBAC offers a range of multi-species grasses, cover plants and seeds components of meslin.



Multi-species grasses

SOBAC’s team has developed grass mixes perfectly suited for fertilisation with Bactériosol/Bactériolit. Planting multi-species grasses associated with Marcel Mézy Technologies will preserve for several years a good productive balance of grasses and legumes and lead to a self-sufficient forage system. These are longlasting and balanced grasses that produce high-quality forage that is more balanced, less costly in terms of inputs, and adapted to different soils and climates.





Crimson clover.
Crimson clover.

Cover plants

Just as with multi-species grasses, SOBAC has been working to develop efficient cover plants.
The objective of our cover crops is to produce substantial biomass that Bactériosol can use as green fertiliser on the next crop by making the elements of that matter bio-available and developing the humic reservoir and soil fertility for greater self-sufficiency and an improved final margin.





Along the same lines, SOBAC offers a number of species that can make up meslin silage or seed meslin
This combination of cereals and legumes has many benefits : savings in inputs, especially pesticides; improvement in Feed Unit and Bypass protein values relative to traditional cereals; increased fibrousness of rations; guaranteed yields and stock; an alternative to corn and ray grass...
Meslin is therefore the low-production-cost cereal crop par excellence. It greatly enhances the self-sufficiency and security of systems.
The characteristics also make this crop particularly suitable for organic agriculture.

Meslin rye/faba beans/vetch/peas/clover
Meslin rye/faba beans/vetch/peas/clover








  • Fewer diseases and fewer pests
  • Weed control
  • Reduced erosion, capping and runoff
  • Improved soil structure and soil bearing capacity
  • Improved biological activity in soil



  • Competitive yields
  • High-quality, balanced, optimally combined forage
  • Greater self-sufficiency


  • Nitrate traps
  • Less leaching
  • Carbon and nitrogen sinks

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