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Testimonials and results

Testimonial and results
I have Improved my Turnover with bacteriosol sobac
Jean-René Wenk
I have improved my turnover
Arborist and cereal grower


Jean-René Wenk is an arborist and cereal grower in Moncrabeau (Lot et Garonne)


His farm is 36 hectares including 20 hectares of cereals (wheat, sunflower), 1/2 hectare of above-ground strawberries and 16 hectares of arboriculture: 2 hectares of cherries, 1 hectare of apricots, 3 hectares of organic apples, 9 hectares of organic kiwifruit,1hectareofplums, in organic conversion in 2019.


  • Bactériosol concentré (since 2014) / To increase soil fertility naturally.


Jean-René Wenk has solved several problems by adopting SOBAC’s concept : fewer diseases on fruit trees, more homogeneous and tastier kiwis and especially soils that revive, like him, after difficult times.



I have improved my turnover

" SOBAC fell on me like hail. Alain, the salesrep, came down here like a tornado and presented the product to me. I told him about my specific problems with clay-loam soils with a high surface-sealing index. They are cold in winter; they find it difficult to warm up in the spring and they pack down a lot.


They were waterlogging soils with water all the time on the surface while kiwis need more aerated soils. I was also confronted with PSA (Pseudomonas Syringae Actinidae), a bacterium that grows on fragile trees.


There are no means of control other than copper. With four treatments per year, we contain the disease, but that’s it. We are not solving the problem. So, I wanted to restore vigour to my trees and Alain offered BACTÉRIOSOL which he presented as an amendment full of natural microorganisms that are there to revive life.


I have always done soil tests. I knew that all the elements were present but were blocked. I started by treating one hectare for two years. When I saw the results, I did not ask any more questions.


In the second year, where I used BACTÉRIOSOL, no kiwi plants were affected by PSA.


I am not saying it is the cure, but I am finding that the extra strength it brought helped fight PSA. 


In addition, in winter, I had no more water on the ground which had become more porous. The soil has regained its retention power and therefore in hot weather, I need much less water:


almost a third less watering.


After two years of testing, I changed all the kiwis to BACTÉRIOSOL and organic. On an orchard changed to BACTÉRIOSOL a year ago, the fruits are already much more homogeneous, it looks like they are calibrated on the tree.


In addition, I have noticed a marked improvement in cold storage conservation. And I no longer have a development of Botrytis, a mould that can do big damage. I work a lot in direct sales and all customers comment the flavour of my fruit.

They are superior in sugar content ; they ripen well and they hold better. I participated in a flavour and quality competition for the Nouvelle Aquitaine region with my apple juice two years ago. I was not ranked.


Last year, after two years of BACTÉRIOSOL, I did the same competition again with the same apple juice and I won the bronze medal. When I see my results, I would never go back.


I only regret one thing; it is to not have known SOBAC earlier. I am starting my fifth year with BACTÉRIOSOL.


I have improved my turnover per hectare. Everything is direct selling and people are only looking for one thing: the taste quality. Everyone noticed the change. For the soil, I see the difference from one plot to another. The ground breathes and this is a novelty.


At the beginning, I limitedusage for economic reasons, but my goal is to have all the exploitation in organic and BACTÉRIOSOL."

I have improved my turnover 1


He has been using BACTERIOSOL since 2014.

BACTÉRIOSOL allows a balance of the soil to optimise its functioning


Developed rhizospheric flora

  • Increased development of the root system
  • Optimization of crop nutrition in water and minerals
  • Improved crop protection - Plant-soil exchange (C and N stored in the soil)


Autotrophic flora

  • Capture C and N from the air
  • Reorganization of the mineral forms of the soil into organic forms


Humificating flora > humus creation :

  • Act as aspring: better water drainage(recharging of the water reserve), better oxygenation: better biological activity, better chemical exchanges, reduction of soil waterlogging and root asphyxia
  • Retention role : retained water linked to humus water SAVING + DAMPING of dry periods and optimized nutrition (the plant does not eat, it drinks!) + excess management
  • Role of refrigeration : nutritive reserve ++ = easier access to minerals
  • Balancing role : balancing of the soil mix = balanced plant nutrition