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Quaterna plant

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Localized fertilization.

Quaterna Plant is a culture substrate to boost the success of your plantings and companion plantings (vines, trees, bushes, and market garden plants). It is used to supplement Bactériosol.


product description

With QUATERNA Plant*, we go back to agronomic basics, by no longer considering the plant on its own but by taking its entire surrounding agrosystem into account. QUANTERNA Plant, develop as close as possible to the roots and improve the physical, chemical or biological properties of the rhizospheric soil. QUATERNA acts in conjunction with BACTÉRIOSOL in the soil's living universe, on its natural fertility, and plant growth.


*Product usable in ORGANIC FARMING in compliance the regulations (EU) n°2018/848 and (EU) 2021/1165. Product complies with NOP (US National Organic Program) - MADE IN FRANCE

Quaterna Plant scheme
Quaterna Plant scheme

They form a true communication network between the soil and the plants from the roots. The two complementary actions together produce optimal conditions for crops to succeed by combining soil health, protection, and plant vigour. As a result, soil-plant exchanges are improved, roots and mycorrhiza can develop better, and a true symbiosis operates.
In short, the plant grows better and can optimise its potential, in terms of both yield and quality, due to this improvement in rhizospheric soil while being more self-sufficient in terms of inputs and water.


quaterna plant Bénéfits


  • Develops mycorrhizal exchanges
  • Better plant recovery and longevity
  • Root development
  • Stress resistance
  • Improves access to water and nutrients


  • Longevity of plantings
  • Quicker start of production
  • Improves harverst quality : homogeneity, size, conservation, taste...
  • Increases marketable yield


  • Saves on inputs
  • Saves on phytosanitary treatements
  • Better managment of climatic hazards




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