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Bactériométha is an additive for methanization substrates that increases methane production and improves the digestion process.



Bactériométha is mixed into the substrate before methanization directly into the manure under the animals, into the effluent collection pits, and into all types of substrates.
Combining it with the substrates before methanization improves the accessibility of the organic material in the digester : it is primarily fungi that break down the long carbon chains. This makes the carbon more accessible for the bacteria during the anaerobic digestion phases, thereby improving energy production.



Its use also significantly reduces smells thanks to the bacteria that quickly reorganize ammonia nitrogen into organic nitrogen thereby reducing ammonia emissions.
The chain reactions following the use of Bactériométha improve the homogeneity and intermixing of the substrates in the digester and reduce crusts.
It also reduces clumping and promotes the stability and balance of the digestion process.


*Product usable in ORGANIC FARMING in compliance with the regulations (EU) n°2018/848 and (EU) 2021/1165. Product complies with NOP (US National Organic Program) - MADE IN FRANCE.

Biogaz plants



bactériométha Bénéfits


  • Increased energy production
  • Better transformation of organic matter thanks to an optimised preparation of fibres
  • Improved digestion process in the digester
  • Possible savings in raw materials



  • Less energy used and less wear
  • Fewer surface crusts
  • Improved intermixing
  • Fibrous substrates more easily handled
  • Increased production of biogas and therefore electricity credits
  • Possible savings in raw materials



  • Significant reduction in losses and smells before methanization by locking-in carbon and nitrogen in the substrate under the animals and in storage.

Bacteriométha can be used with ...