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Based in South of France, SOBAC develops environmentally friendly fertilisation techniques based on fast and natural production of humus. These agronomic solutions were developed in the 1980s by Marcel Mezy, a farmer in Aveyron. They boost the naturally fertilising resources of the soil and reduce, or even eliminate, the need for chemical inputs, while maintaining the same yields.

The many benefits of this method extend far beyond the fertility stage. They positively impact the quality of plants, the health of livestock, and consequently the health of consumers. The agronomic, economic and environmental solutions offered by SOBAC successfully anticipated what would become sustainable-development requirements. They are intended primarily for agriculture but also for the general public and local authorities.


The co-managers of SOBAC : Raymond Fabre, Patrick Fabre, Marcel Mézy, Christophe Mézy.
The Co-managers of SOBAC : Raymond Fabre, Patrick Fabre, Marcel Mézy, Christophe Mézy.
Marcel Mezy

marcel mEzy

"Farmer and researcher "


This pioneer has only one idea in mind: to give new life to deteriorated soils, often polluted by chemical inputs, so that farmers can regain their autonomy but also their pride by actively participating, at their level, in the protection of the planet. Marcel Mezy likes to repeat this peasant saying: " When humus goes away, humans go away ".


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