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For the next generation
For the next generation

ECONOMICS : SOBAC works to develop an economic approach that serves human beings, particularly in the agricultural and rural sector. It helps farmers to maximize the quality of their products, gain self-sufficiency, and increase their net profit per hectare in what are often difficult economic circumstances.
ENVIRONMENT : Economic development makes no sense and has no future unless it respects our planet. SOBAC demonstrates that focus on production is compatible with respect for the environment : protection of water resources, biodiversity of species, improvement of the natural environment and "soil heritage".

SOCIAL : SOBAC contributes to improving the quality of food products by offering cultivation methods that are more natural and have a beneficial impact on society.
By enabling farmers to boost their incomes, SOBAC helps to sustain farms over time, helps farms to recover, and helps attract young farmers essential to maintaining rural economies.





SOBAC works for the health of our soil. A living soil is a healthy soil. Its humus content is the primary sign of that. While decades of chemicals, erosion and adverse weather have degraded soils all around the world, SOBAC shows that with Technologies Marcel MEZY, it is possible to give them back their fertility by boosting their humus content. These technologies, effective in every sector of agriculture, have also now become available to ordinary consumers and to local authorities.


In livestock farming, SOBAC solutions focus on the relationship between soil, plants and animals, to produce high-quality forage, beneficial to both animal health and product quality.

A farmer in his soil
A farmer in his soil

For crops, they substantially reduce, or even eliminate, the use of fertilisers and pesticides to enhance the nutritive quality of the products, boosting both quality and yield while respecting the environment (Link to carbon capture, reduction of leaching, protection of water tables, etc.).

The overall concept developed by SOBAC provides real solutions for the sustainability of farms. There currently exists no other way of producing humus as fast, in as many types of soils and climates. Because the challenge is there. "When humus disappears, humans disappear." For Earth to be able to feed its population healthily and adequately, SOBAC is committed to implementing a new form of agriculture that is productive and environmentally friendly, whereby farmers regain their freedom and their pride in being farmers "for the soil, for a long time".



Marcel Mézy

marcel mezy

"Farmer and researcher "


This pioneer has only one idea in mind: to give new life to deteriorated soils, often polluted by chemical inputs, so that farmers can regain their autonomy but also their pride by actively participating, at their level, in the protection of the planet. Marcel Mezy likes to repeat this peasant saying: " When humus goes away, humans go away ".


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