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Our history

For the health of the soil



SOBAC was founded in 1992 in Aveyron, in France, an agricultural region famous for its cattle and sheep farming. It was there that an initial circle of farmers formed around its founders, by putting into practice a new way of fertilising their land, using solutions discovered by Marcel Mezy. The first field results were encouraging and came fast, thanks to the close ties maintained with these pioneers.

Since then, SOBAC develops and maintains this partnership which enables a pooling of continuous development aimed at high-quality, self-sufficient, profitable agriculture. Although more than 10,000 farmers have now joined SOBAC, it has taken time to prove, and convince people, that it is possible to produce just as much if not more by reducing or even dispensing with the use of chemicals, in the face of conventional practices ingrained for over half a century.


The company had 120 employees in 2021; 80 technical sales staff supervised by 8 regional managers meet every day with farmers all across France in every agricultural sector. SOBAC exports its technologies to many countries, bringing solutions to today's agricultural demands and problems, and those of the future.  After a first start in Germany, farmers in many countries have now adopted Technologies Marcel MEZY, thanks to partnerships created with distributors throughout western and central Europe and most of eastern Europe.




With its commitment to the environment, SOBAC could not leave general consumers by the wayside and deliver its products only to professionals. In response to the popularity of amateur gardening, it launched a gardening range of products in 2009 along with educational videos and events to explain how soils work and why SOBAC products are an effective alternative to chemicals.

Social awareness of the importance of dietary health and respect for the environment is particularly marked among gardeners. Technologies Marcel MEZY are solutions to everyone on the path to natural gardening.

For the distribution sector, SOBAC offered "The solution", via its range that is perfectly in tune with new legislation governing the sale of phytosanitary products.

Tomatoes gathering
Tomatoes gathering




Football Grounds
Football Grounds

Local authorities, careful to follow environmentally friendly practices in their management of green spaces and sports grounds, have responded favourably to SOBAC's natural solutions. They have been extremely successful in keeping green spaces green. Sports grounds have benefited from grass that is better rooted, more rugged, greener, and more drought-resistant.


SOBAC technology can also be used to rehabilitate building plots to regain their natural fertility fast. Separately from the fertility aspect, SOBAC products are natural and prevent staff from handling toxic materials.


Marcel Mézy

marcel mezy

"Farmer and researcher "


This pioneer has only one idea in mind: to give new life to deteriorated soils, often polluted by chemical inputs, so that farmers can regain their autonomy but also their pride by actively participating, at their level, in the protection of the planet. Marcel Mezy likes to repeat this peasant saying: " When humus goes away, humans go away ".



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