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Testimonials and results

Essai volaille en partenariat avec l'ITAVI
In partnership with ITAVI (technical institute for poulty, rabbit and fish farming).
82% less nitrogen lost into the air, and 39% more organic nitrogen
Brittany - FRANCE

Two poultry houses were monitored in tandem (buildings, batches of chick, date chicks introduced, identical diet) :

P1 : Control house which received no dosing;
P2 House treated with Bactériolit, 10 days after the chicks were introduced.


The droppings were analysed and weighed. A nitrogen report was prepared based on the quantities entered in the house (bedding, diet, and chicks) and the quantities taken out of the house (droppings and chickens) to measure the losses.






Dosing the bedding with Bactériolit :


=> Reduced the amount of gaseous nitrogen (ammonia) released in the house by 82%


=> Fixed the nitrogen in organic form (39% increase), not prone to leaching or to being released into the air during spreading, thus saving on fertilizer, and reducing the associated risk of pollution.


=> Improved the environment in the building and odours.