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Testimonials and results

Kim Mac Call cow and ewe breeder Irland
The yields go up, and we get less and less water logging
Cow and ewe breeder
Co. Kildare, IRLAND


Kim Mc Call is a cow and ewes breeder in Ireland. He raises 70 Aubrac cows and 85 cross bred Rouge ewes. The farm is 85 hectares, all in one block,  consists of some wood lands and the rest is all permanent pasture.



We got to know about SOBAC, first of all, my wife met Christophe and Marcel Mezy in France at the Cournon show. I was not at that show but the following year I went and she introduced me to Christophe. Then a couple years later Christophe came over here and explain the principle again to me, and we went from there. 


He uses Bactériosol to fertilize cereals and grasslands and Bactériolit to valorize manures (since 2012).


  • The yields go up.
  • Less and less water logging.
  • Better break down of farmyard manure.
  • Quick absorption of manures by the sol.
  • There is no smell concerning slurry.
  • Dry matter is higher.
  • The grass level up.
  • The cows are happy.
  • The heifers are gaining around 1 kg to 1.1 kg a day and the bulls would be 1.3 upwards.
  • Better routing.
  • The grass is still green whereas before it would have burnt off. 
  • More productivity.