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Testimonials and results

Wiggert family, testimony
Wiggert family
Continuous improvement of the soil


Wiggert Family, Hämmerleweg 24, 79843 Löffingen, Germany / 300 hectares of cereals and maize.


  • Bactériolit (since 2014) /


Wigger family testimony

« Improving the soil sustainably, the results of the past few years speak for themselves. Only a soil that works well and that is alive gives you better yields. We are very open and we always try a lot, but it must be profitable. With the help of BACTÉRIOLIT, we are improving our profitability and sustainability goals. »
This is the philosophy of Wolfram Wiggert, who runs his family business from Haslachhof in Löfflingen with his wife Eva, his father Herbert and his brother Markus in the Black Forest. With more than 300 ha in organic farming and a biogas plant, they also raise 40 Hinterwäldler mother cows which they market directly in their farm store.

The Wiggert family has been in organic farming for 14 years. They have thought a lot about improving their rotation with the goal of improving their soil. Now the yields are almost at the conventional level.
« It was the article in the DLG-Mitteilungen newspaper that introduced us to SOBAC. The DLG is not really known for offering alternative methods. If they write about a concept, it must be serious. »


Reduction of fuel costs by 10% and increase in yelds


« In 2015, we beat the odds with a yield practically similar to that of the conventional ones. The yields of spelt were the last two years at a level of 10 % higher than before the use of BACTÉRIOLIT. In addition, our entrepreneur keeps telling us that it is obvious that our crops are very healthy, which is particularly remarkable for organic farming !

Part of our digestate is exported, our employee, Andreas Isele, puts for each spreader BACTÉRIOLIT Concentré in the liquid phase.
« Andreas Isele explains : « We spread 25 m³ of digestate with 30 kg of BACTÉRIOLIT Concentré per hectare. I prepare the buckets in advance with the quantities of BACTÉRIOLIT Concentré so that I can have them at hand when the time comes.
It certainly takes a little longer, but you have to work a little more to get a reward at the end.
When pulling weeds, temporary workers recognize, without knowing it in advance, that pulling from SOBAC plots is much easier ! ».


Continuous improvement of the soil


« We can clearly see that the soil structure has become more flexible with SOBAC and also that we have fewer problems of water standing after heavy rain. The porosity has increased and erosion is very rare because of the improved structure of our soils, we can reduce our fuel costs.
Our soils have a lot of stones, so we only work our soils on the first 15 cm and the deeper work is done by plants and earthworms. These have clearly increased in the last few years since working with SOBAC. Even during the dry spring period, we find surprisingly many earthworms on the surface.
We pay particular attention to our soils to bequeath them in good health to our children for the next ten generations; this is why we have been using BACTÉRIOLIT Concentré for 3 years. Since then, we use BACTÉRIOLIT Concentré on the whole Haslachhof farm to produce sustainably and profitably for the future. »



  • Improvment structure of our soils => better yields
  • Improvment of our our profitability and sustainability goals
  • The yields of spelt were the last two years at a level of 10 % higher than before the use of BACTÉRIOLIT
  • soil structure has become more flexible 
  • The porosity has increased and erosion is very rare