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Testimonials and results

Sean McDermott, dairy cow farmer in Ireland user of SOBAC's solutions
Sean McDermott
We have no problem growing grass, we have spread no lime, no Ps and Ks in 3 years and the farm is flying
Dairy cow farmer


Sean MC Dermott is a dairy cow farmer in  Co. Galway, in Ireland


  • Bactériolit (since ) / To optimize effluents.
  • Bactériosol concentré (since ) / To Fertilize grasslands.


Myself and Nollaig have been farming here for about 12 years now. We were at sucklers and sheep, and then 9 years ago we went into milking cows. Up to now, we are milking just around 100 cows. The farm is all in grass and we use very little meal. Calving is in February March, it is all Spring calving.


We started with SOBAC about 3 years ago. We came on it through Brendan O’Toole who was running a meeting at the Meadow Court, Co. Galway. We had, previously, soil sampled our land. We were in REPS (Rural Environmental Protection Scheme) and our P’s and K’s were very low. We had started spreading a bag of 0-7-30 at the start of the year and a bag at the end of the year. When we started with Brendan then, we stopped all that and did not spread any lime.  We are working only with SOBAC since. First, we spread 3.5 tons of the pelleted stuff and then we went on to the Bacteriolit though the slurry, that’s what we are mainly using now. We spread 2 500 gallons to the acre and we would usually use it as we are closing the paddocks in October. This year, we spread it in March, we injected it straight into the ground. We just tried it out to see would it work any better during the growing year. I am happy enough with the product so far.


In the first year now, we did not see an awful lot of difference, but from last year until this year now, we have started to see a major difference in the farm, the cows are cleaning out paddocks way better. I can’t say that our milk solids or anything have changed because every year we have been climbing up in numbers, so it is just hard to say if Sobac is having an effect on that or not. It is just when number stabilize that we will be able to say that at ease.


Apart from that, the grass is growing, we have no problem growing grass, we have spread no lime, no Ps and Ks in 3 years and the farm is flying


In April 2015 we did a soil profile. I think there were 50 or 60 people here. We dug the holes with the digger and we could not believe there was such a difference in it. The grass, and the roots of the grass went down so far into the ground. We have fierce worm activity as well. It was an eye opener for me to see what was going on down under the ground.

Since we started the process, I have said that we will give it at least 3 years. If we were to use it the first year and weight up against Ps and Ks we would have probably gone back to Ps and Ks but we decided we would give it a chance and we left it for 3 years and we have seen a major improvement on the farm.


Weighing one against the other, cost wise, I think we are working out a bit better with Sobac than going with our Ps and Ks and lime


We are happy enough so far. We are going forward with the product. We have seen an improvement in the land. Like this farm here, the field we are standing at the minute, we took it over last year, and it got no Ps and Ks, no lime for years. We have grazed it 4 times, I have taken 25 bales of silage and we have grazed it once and it is ready for grazing again. We have no problem with the product, it is standing on its own. 


He uses Bacteriosol to fertilize grasslands and Bacteriolit to optimize effluents.


  • Paddocks better cleaned out.
  • Growth of the grass.
  • No more chemical inputs.
  • Better rooting.
  • Optimised use of effluents.
  • Major improvement on the farm.
  • More microbial activity in the soil.